What is The Heart of the Journey?

Pioche, Nevada

Each of us are on a life-long journey, from the moment that we take our first breath until we take our very last breath. We grow, we learn, we stumble, we grieve, we win, we lose, we love, we hate, we fight, we laugh, we cry, we work, we worry, we celebrate. We are all flawed. We all have struggles. We all long to connect with others. We want to be loved and accepted. We are all alike, and yet each of us are completely different. At many points along the journey we ask why. We try to make sense over just why we are here, what is our purpose.

When I was younger, I thought I had so many things figured out. I longed for a career where I worked for a company with the ultimate schedule of M-F from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Every evening and every weekend free sounded ideal to me. And, I spent over 25 years doing just that, at various companies, in the corporate world. It had some rewarding moments, some great triumphs, and some failures. But, day after day I spent time sitting at my desk, interacting with the same people, doing the same thing, calling some of the shots and letting others dictate to me exactly what I needed, when I needed to do it, and how I needed to do it. I let them tell me how I should think, how I should feel, how I should behave. I would look forward to the weekend and mourn when the weekend was over. And, that career that I longed for was stifling me. I was making a living, and that was all. Back then I just simply didn’t really realize how much those constraints were strangling me and how much I needed to be out from under those constraints. It was drudgery. I needed to discover the world, I needed to have adventures, I needed to experience life in a different manner, I needed freedom, I needed to be out from under that environment. But at the same time, I needed a way to get those experiences while I made a living.

Thankfully now, the Heart of the Journey is a literal journey out on the roads of this big, beautiful country called the United States of America. I travel with my husband Jim, who is my best friend and the love of my life, he’s a true gift from God. We own a big rig, and we travel all over the country, with our three dogs Foxy (Sheltie mix), Tinkerbell (Terrier mix) and “Princess” Zoey (Mini Dashchund) – I chronicle our travels and what we learn along the way on our Facebook page “The Adventures of Princess Zoey.” Primarily we take Broadway shows into and out of cities all over the USA and Canada. As such, we are almost constantly zipping across the country. In essence, we get paid to travel, to see big cities, little cities, and small towns all along the way. And, we get to meet so many great people, we get to see and experience so many things that others don’t get to see, the real America. We have a freedom that many others don’t have. I like to say that our lifestyle is like a perpetual vacation, with a little bit of work thrown in. I love the adventure, I love seeing and discovering new things with my husband by my side. And, I have to admit that if I am at home, after about three days I get antsy to hit the road and discover the next adventure. I simply don’t like being in the same place all of the time.

However, that’s not to say that this lifestyle of constant travel doesn’t have some disadvantages. We are seldom at our home base. We have a few really good friendships with others that we treasure, but we are unable to interact with these dear friends in a constant face-to-face manner. We miss some celebrations such as our children’s birthdays, and most holidays also. We cannot attend a home church and get involved because we are never there long enough to connect with others. I cannot attend a weekly women’s Bible study at a home church because I am not there. At times, I/we can feel very isolated. I have found some online Bible studies, and so far my favorite is First 5 by Proverbs 31 Ministries. It’s nice to study the Bible and interact with others on the app. While the app, and the interaction is great and provides support, I am unsure whether this type of interaction will provide for the development of deep and lasting friendships.

We live out on the road inside of our big rig, which has about 75 square feet of space. I like to joke that this current movement about tiny homes doesn’t have anything on us. If they live in a tiny home, then we live in a super tiny home. We share an oversized twin bed. We have a 9 gallon water tank, a super tiny sink, small refrigerator, a porta potty, all of our clothing, and other belongings in that 75 square feet of space. Organization is key, and if you want to retrieve something that we’ve got stored in the truck, you better be prepared to move a few, or many, containers to get to what you want. Truly, everything has its place. A good point of this tiny living space, is that you are constantly facing decisions as to whether you actually need to add in something to the truck, because if you do, be assured that something else needs to come out.

But, the biggest meaning for the Heart of the Journey is, and always will be, my relationship with Jesus Christ, the one true son of God the Father. My relationship with God defines my life. Who am I? Well, I am a follower of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ and His Word. As such I desire to glorify Jesus Christ by knowing, living and sharing His Word, His Love, His Life and His Ways. I firmly believe that God was in Christ reconciling people to Himself, and not counting their trespasses (a deviation from uprightness and truth; offenses) against them. However I fall short, I know that God grants me Divine Grace (undeserved favor and unconditional love). My deepest desire is God himself and I pray that in whatever I do I reflect all glory to God alone. It is my hope that the words and actions of my life can bring others to God our Father, Jesus our Savior and the Holy Spirit, so that none can suffer eternity apart from God.

So, God is the Ultimate Heart of the Journey. You see, I believe that we are put here on Earth to reflect the Glory of God, to lead a life in devotion to Him, to share His love, and to plant the seeds of faith in other’s lives. Note that I said plant the seeds. We till the soil and we plant the seed. It’s then up to the receiver of the Good News to make his/her decision as to whether they will follow our Lord and Savior.

Want to join me on the Heart of the Journey?

Believing God, trusting God, adoring God, walking with God, growing with God, confessing to God, talking with God, listening to God, learning with God – it’s the Heart of the Journey ❤️<<<<<<


10 thoughts on “What is The Heart of the Journey?

  1. Victoria, I just discovered your blog through a post you made on First 5. I appreciate your authenticity. I look forward to following along on you journey! Jenny ❤

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