I Am Third

Many of you know that my husband pretty much live our lives out on the road. We drive a big rig and we deliver Broadway shows all over the USA. Sometimes, we cook in the truck using a slow cooker and a microwave, but mostly we eat out. We try to eat healthy, and often … More I Am Third


Inspect the City

This feeble mind needs all the help that it can get! So when I read my Bible, I like to do a little research on what I am reading. I love to use study Bibles, and I consult a variety of Bible commentaries. To do so has enriched and expanded my understanding of these treasured … More Inspect the City

Be Still

I wonder if everyone has a similar kind of moment – I was 18 years old and away at College, I was questioning quite a bit of things in my life. What is my purpose? Why am I here? And, while I’ve always had faith, at that time, I still wondered “Is there a God? … More Be Still

Guiding Light

My maternal grandmother lived almost 1,300 miles from my childhood home. Every year she would come and stay with us, usually during part of the summertime and she would stay for months. She established a daily routine around our home, and it involved getting whatever things she wanted to get accomplished early in the day … More Guiding Light

Praise in the Storm

The Old Testament book of Psalms is a rather amazing collection of personal prayers, praise, and songs. This section of the Bible contains 150 such prose written by names both recognizable and unrecognizable to readers. Moses wrote Psalm 90; King David wrote 73 (with an additional three Psalms attributed to his pen); David’s son Solomon … More Praise in the Storm

Friend or Acquaintance?

Friend or Acquaintance? Friend: a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard; a person who is not hostile; a person who is on good terms with another. (Dictionary.com) Acquaintance: a person known to one, but usually not a close friend. (Dictionary.com) It seems to me that we (well at least me … More Friend or Acquaintance?

Kindness ≠ Stupidity

Kindness: Adjective. To have a good or benevolent nature. Weakness: Noun. State or quality of being weak, lacking strength, feebleness. Intelligence: Noun. Having the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding. Stupidity: Adjective. Lacking ordinary quickness and keenness of mind; foolish; senseless. There’s all kinds of people in this world. And when you walk this earth for … More Kindness ≠ Stupidity

I Believe

Why do I believe in Jesus? That’s a question that I’ve been pondering for quite a while, and even more so over the past month. My reasons for my belief are varied. They don’t come from just one source. As I look around at our world, in my eyes I see evidence of God’s hand … More I Believe